YouTube is one of the fastest video-sharing platforms today. Many people are creating YouTube channels today because, with YouTube, you can make money by sharing videos and getting paid per 1000 views. As a new bee on YouTube, you might encounter the challenge of views on YouTube because the views determine how much money you are likely to earn on YouTube.

But did you know that you can gain free YouTube views on your YouTube video fast and effectively? There are many ways to gain views on your YouTube video fast, such as by getting free YouTube views or creating compelling content for your YouTube video.

With the high competition on YouTube, you must put in extra effort in your YouTube video to gain more views. This article will offer strategies to amplify your reach and gain YouTube views.

How to gain free YouTube views

There are many ways of gaining free YouTube views that are simple and easy to follow. You have to know that progress takes time, and even with these steps, it might take some time to gain free YouTube views, but with consistency, you will succeed. You can gain 1000 free YouTube views with these tips.

1. Get free YouTube views from reliable services

You can grow your YouTube views by getting free YouTube views from smm panels like  Also, you can get paid YouTube views for less than $5 per 1,000 views. When you buy YouTube views from social media promotion services, you are assured that they will arrive within 24 hours.

Social media promotion services also allow you to choose the views you want to add to your YouTube video. You can order as high as 10,000 views. You must be careful when purchasing YouTube views since some can be a scam, and you might lose a lot of money.

If you buy YouTube views from a fake service and YouTube notices you have infringed any of their terms, your account can be banned. Otherwise, buying YouTube video views can make you gain free YouTube video views fast.

2. Create compelling content

If you create low-quality work, you cannot convince people to keep watching your YouTube video. You must create compelling content that is interesting for the viewers. The YouTube video you create should be satisfactory to the viewer so that the viewer can go back to rewatch it.

High-quality videos should also accompany compelling content. And high-quality video can be derived from investing in a good camera to capture good picture quality. If you look keenly at those YouTube channels with high views, you will realize that they post compelling content.

Creating compelling content can help you gain free YouTube views quite fast. It should be noted that consistency in creating persuasive content can take you far.

3. Encourage viewers to subscribe

Your subscribers make up the people interested in your content and those more likely to view it repeatedly. It would help if you encouraged your viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel so that when you post a new video, they will see and watch it.

Encouraging them to subscribe is another way of gaining free YouTube views since you will gain more YouTube views as they keep watching your new videos. It would help if you also considered giving subscribers gifts like giveaways for completing trivia questions and other challenges.

This will encourage them to keep watching your YouTube video and subscribe. Thus your videos will gain free views.

4. Create playlists

We all love music, and what’s better than entertaining your viewers with a good playlist in the background as they watch the video? A good playlist should align with the content of the video. If the video is sad, the playlist should have sad songs. If the video is funny, it should have funny playlist songs.

It has also been discovered that people enjoy clicking on YouTube channels that always have incredible playlists to discover new music. If you add a good playlist to your videos, you will likely gain free YouTube views quickly. Also, viewers can keep returning to your channel to watch more YouTube videos.

5. Use enticing thumbnails for your videos

Thumbnails are the images that appear on a video that gives the video the initial introduction of what the video might be all about, even before you click on it. Many video sites like Netflix and Showmax discovered the benefits of adding enticing thumbnails to their YouTube video.

Thumbnails tend to drive the viewer to click on the video and watch it even before he knows what the video is all about. A good thumbnail should contain an image of one of the parts of the video which introduces the viewer visually to what they should expect in the video.

Thumbnails should have good lighting and picture quality. The colors should be perfectly blended, and the image should speak details without written words. Normalizing the use of thumbnails can make your YouTube video gain free views quickly. This is because we, as humans, are easily attracted to aesthetics.

6. Promote your videos on other channels

Another easy way to gain free YouTube views is by promoting your videos on other social media channels. It would be best if you did not assume that all people use YouTube because there are people who spend more time on Facebook or Instagram than any other social media site.

If you promote your YouTube video on other social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, you will be reaching out to people who have no idea of the existence of your YouTube channel. This will give you access to more people likely to watch and enjoy your videos and even subscribe. Other than that, it will make you gain free YouTube views fast.


You can gain free YouTube views quickly by creating compelling content and promoting your YouTube videos on other social media channels that can give you access to a broader audience. Learning the above strategies can change your YouTube channel and make it viral with many viewers.