The world of gaming is always in constant evolution. But never before have we seen a change as big as the one that took place in the past years. Ever since the dawns of gaming, the main problem was cross-platform compatibility. Even now, we still have to wait for games that can bring PS, Xbox and PC players together on the same server. But that change can be noticed already in-browser gaming. I know that browser games aren’t the first choice of hardcore gamers, but the change has to start somewhere.

And that change started once the HTML5 technology was implemented. HTML5 is the most versatile web app technology that the internet ever had. Games built in HTML5 will work on any device that can run one of the major browsers. You can have games that can be played on both PC and Mac, but also on phones and tablets, no matter if they run on Android or iOS. Now you can have your favorite games on all devices, and all you need is some internet connection and a browser. There’s no need for downloads, no need for special clients installed and you won’t be annoyed by bugs and crashes.

HTML5 is also the choice of game developers worldwide. The industry of game dev apps noticed that, and they invested a lot in creating tools and engines which can help creators reach their end goal. There are many frameworks such as Phraser, WebGL or CraftyJS, which will enable even the bedroom game developers to create valuable projects with incredible graphics and excellent game physics.

The easy to use technology also means a great breeding ground for modders. Browser games websites have huge modding communities, where gamers are getting together to change the games they like however they want. They add skins, they improve the gameplay, and they come up with interesting ways through which they change the gameplay. In a way, the future of online browser games is in the very hands of the gamers.

The HTML5 technology also opens up new grounds and business opportunities for webmasters. The niche of free browser games websites is booming right now. Because of that cross- compatibility we talked about, a website can welcome traffic from all devices. With somewhere close to a half of the internet searches in some niches being made from a mobile device these days, you really want a site of online games that can be accessed from phones and tablets. Higher traffic also means a better conversion rate. And no matter the niche of your gaming site, your traffic will spend enough time on your platform to help you monetize the website properly.

I personally know some success stories in the niche of online games. One of them is the JerkDolls porn games website. Although it’s adult related, we can use it as an example of well- implemented HTML5 gaming. Every title on this website, including the awesome gay porn games they just added, is built in HTML5. On top of that, they gathered an active community of modders and browser games enthusiasts who are active in their Discord server and who are sharing their own contributions to the games for free. The site keeps adding new games, and they promote the mods created by the community. In that way, the fans of the site have a reason to always come back and check what’s new on the platform.

So, no matter if you’re a gamer, an amateur game developer who is looking to create awesome looking projects in a simple manner or a webmaster who wants to start a new website, you should look more into the new HTML5 games, because they truly are the future of browser gaming.