There’s no denying the huge influence the Hip-Hop music genre has on the young demographic of society. It impacts crucial areas of their lives such as fashion, entertainment choices, hobbies, careers, and more. Young individuals view this music genre as a relatable form of self-expression. Can teachers use this high influence to improve learning in classrooms? The answer is yes, and here’s how.

The Culture of Hip-Hop

In the past, many tutors turned away from teaching rap or incorporating its elements into their lessons, due to most members of society perceiving it as a genre filled only with violence and profanities. Over the years the public view has shifted positively, and teachers now view it as a form of poetry. It’s an avenue for students to express themselves in a medium they find comfortable and relatable.

How Teachers Can Use Hip-Hop in the Classroom

Here are ways in how to teach a hip hop class and incorporate its elements into the educational curriculum.

Set Themed Tasks and Assignments

One of the most effective learning methods is delivering it in a language or theme that would interest students. For example, teachers can improve lessons with hip hop essay topics that keep students interested in doing their assignments. Using tasks with this genre of music themes helps tutors communicate better with their students. Thanks to the Internet, you can always find free topic examples online.

Essay samples are great tools for introducing lessons, drawing attention or improving knowledge of a topic, and more. Interest in your essay topic is a critical element in writing it. Thanks to the high-interest students have in the Hip-Hop genre, giving paper topics with its themes will greatly improve learning.

Set Boundaries

Some songs in the genre do contain unsuitable materials for education, such as illicit languages, profanity, and more. But tutors can get around such a con by setting boundaries while assigning tasks. When discussing controversial materials, teachers can inform parents early, telling them about its importance and impact on learning.

When teaching hip hop in the classroom, teachers should consider setting rules that won’t dampen creativity but also keeps conflicts or bullying in check. For example, students should refrain from using derogatory remarks on classmates, friends, and more

Encourage the Art

Many schools have library studios where students can produce music. They explore their love for Hip-Hop by engaging in activities such as writing lyrics and collaborating with friends.

Tasks Involving Icons of Hip-Hop

Many Hip-Hop artists are role models for students and can serve as a subject in Maths or Science problems. Including their names in tasks will improve interest in scholars, which is the first step to finding a solution. Names such as Drake, Rhianna, and Beyonce will resonate with students owing to their status as A-listers of Hip-Hop. For example, you can have scholars solve a percentage problem involving these celebrities’ followings and follows.

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Benefits of Having a Hip-Hop Classroom Narrative

Improve Self Expression

Hip-Hop is a genre of music that’s a base for fostering self-expression. It’s an avenue for students to say what they want and in a way they want. A concept that’s been the bedrock of Hip-Hop for ages.

Improve Cognitive Skills

Hip-Hop is a form of poetry, you’ll need to have a great understanding of wordplay to produce or write rhymes. During this process, students can improve their cognitive skills as they think up suitable lyrics for their songs.

Having hip hop education in classrooms can also improve fluency and literary skills by encouraging activities such as lyrics writing. Students will improve their knowledge and command of the vocabulary during research, as they look up suitable words to use in their write up. They also achieve better verbal fluency as this genre of music often involves fast pace singing.

Great Team Builder

Hip-Hop is a language many young individuals speak, they share the same high level of enthusiasm towards this genre, and also view many artists as role models. Having a common interest is a great way to build relationships among students. This form of music offers a base to launch team building. You can have students write lyrics and perform songs together, as each gets to have an input thanks to verses.

Improve Fitness Levels

Hip-Hop culture is a strong advocate for high fitness as it fosters intense dance exhibitions.

Final Thoughts

The high level of influence in teenagers and young adults’ lives makes teaching hip hop in classrooms a vital part of learning. Speaking to your students in a relatable language their admire is the best method to use when looking to arouse interest in lessons. A hip hop education offers this effective communication between tutor and scholars. Consider using the examples on how to teach a hip hop class listed as a guide to improving your learning lessons.