It is a labor of love to code for the Atari VCS a/k/a Atari 2600. The processing power is minimal, the number of scan lines/cycles you have to draw graphics before a screen sweep is tiny, there are no “sprites” to speak of, and if you’re not writing it directly in assembly fat chance of it fitting in the memory size (4K limit unless you use bank switching) available. My regard for quality homebrew Atari games could not be higher, particularly when those behind such projects make games that play to the Atari’s strengths.

As a wiseacre once said on YouTube, every Atari game has “star” or “space” in the title (it’s going to go boom isn’t it) so if you find an arcade game set in outer space and convert it to 2600 and DO IT RIGHT you can make something really fun. Juno First lives up to and exceeds my standards and if you want a new game for your old 2600 in physical form, it’s one you should consider either loose ($25) or boxed ($15 extra) depending on your needs. Subscribe to Mistah MegaManFan for new content every night at 8 PM ET, 7 Central! Your likes, shares and comments are always appreciated. Thanks for watching!