Music has been with us for a long time now. There are so many genres of music you can choose from that is almost impossible to not find something of your liking. If listening to classical music was a norm a few years ago, the world has modernized and new genres of music are on the market. Hip-hop, rap, or electronic music are some of the most listened to music genres nowadays, by youngsters, adults, and elders alike.

Listening to music has important effects on people’s minds and mood. Moreover, listening to music helps students perform better and it has an impact on their assignment performance. Let’s take a look into the impact of modern music on the academic life of students.

It Improves Creativity

Modern music and not only has been known to improve creativity. There are specific beats in every song we listen to that light up some centers in our brains. Listening to music, especially the music you like, elicits some brain responses, and comes with emotions. Those emotions are created by a release of dopamine, the same neurotransmitter released when you eat, have sex, or have other pleasurable activity.

Creativity is one of the skills students are looking to improve. College involves not only parties and goings out with friends. College years are full of student papers, assignments, and writing all these. So, a lot of creativity and inspiration are needed to be able to face these challenges. Some students feel overwhelmed by the number of student papers they have to write. Even though you may look for an example of an assignment by Writix online, your inspiration might still need stimulation. Modern music, especially rap music, has the power of stimulating your brain, improving your abstract thinking skills, and unleashing your creativity. At the same time, modern music helps centers in your brain connect, such as memory and creativity centers who end up working together.

It Changes Your Mindset

The mindset and perspective you have on your college life and assignments can give rise to negative or positive emotions. Usually, the perspective students have on the papers they have to write controls their behavior.

If you would have a negative mindset, the obstacles and challenges you will meet will seem impossible to overcome. On the contrary, a positive mindset fuels productivity and concentration. In a world where everyone is competing for your attention, both on the street and social media, having something that helps you focus better is essential.


Listening to music helps you change your perspective and adopt more positive mindsets. This will have an important effect on your assignment performance. A more positive perspective fuels students with motivation, self-confidence, and the productivity they need to write their student papers.

It Reduces Stress

Stress is one of the components of student life. College years are a beautiful mix between learning and gathering knowledge and parties and friends. Sometimes, students might fall behind the deadlines or might feel they do not have the resources necessary to successfully face exams.

Stress is what describes these moments the best and is something every student feels during college years. Stressed students might have difficulties following the assignment guidelines. Being angry and irritated are just some of the emotions stressed students feel.

Listening to music has been shown to ameliorate the symptoms of stress. Especially if you listen to modern music, the one nowadays students listen to the most. Music decreases blood pressure and helps students relax. Depending on the beat of the music, it can have different effects.

For example, slow tempo music is known to help people relax their muscles, while upbeat music gives them an optimistic view. Modern music is a beautiful combination of all kinds of beats, with electronic music being one of the most popular student’s choices.

It Improves Memory

Our brains are complex machinery, but they are in some cases so simple to handle. Besides low levels of stress, improved creativity and mood, music can improve the memory of students. Many teachers are now playing background music during their classes.

If you listen to modern music while you are writing your essay or just learning for your exams, you will have an easier time remembering what you have learned. If you play the same music you listened to while learning, your brain will make the connection between music and knowledge. And everything you have learned will pop up in your head during exams or other college tasks.


Modern music has an important impact on the assignment performance of students. Not only classical music but modern beats too. Music has the power of inflicting more positive and optimistic views on students. It has the power of stimulating your brain, unleashing your creativity, and reducing stress levels. On top of this, music helps your brain make connections and then remember them better.

Modern music helps students focus better and achieve high levels of productivity. It seems like music gives students the power, inspiration, strength, and creativity they need for writing student papers. At the same time, music helps students perform better and improve their performance.

Author Bio: Paul Calderon is a content writer with a passion for music. He loves playing the guitar and listening to rap and hip-hop music in his spare time. Paul writes on various topics, from modern beats to the history of music.