Ever since the 90s, rap music has grown increasingly popular. In the UK alone, a little under 30% of the population (according to Statista) listen to rap music, which highlights just how many people enjoy it. Of course, the internet and streaming services have massively contributed to this, as rap music is now much more accessible than it used to be.

If you’re a fan of rap music, these 5 hacks are specifically for you. They’ll help to improve your listening experience and knowledge – enjoy.

Check streaming apps for new releases every day

You have a daily routine, right? No matter how complicated your daily routine is, you should dedicate a couple of minutes a day to checking for new rap releases on streaming services.

Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, YouTube Music – all of these services come with new release sections for your favourite genres, including rap music. So, each time a new release drops, you can know about it by checking the rap section. This is handy, as you’ll also discover new and fresh artists who you perhaps didn’t know about previously.

If you want to make your routine even better, read now to learn some other interesting ways in which you can do this.

Create your custom playlists

As a fan of rap, you should be creating your custom playlists. Playlists are good for parties as well as when you’re relaxing alone and need some background noise (after all, nobody wants to be skipping between songs on albums when you can simply compile your favourite ones into playlists).

Need some playlist inspiration? Check out these rap songs.

Join rap forums

The internet is home to thousands of different rap forums. It can be difficult to know which ones to join, especially if your new to the genre. Generally, Reddit is a great source for rap discussion, as it has subreddits dedicated to almost every rap artist imaginable, from r/travisscott to r/kidcudi. In addition to Reddit, KTT2 (kanyetothe2) is also a reliable and engaging rap forum – so make sure to sign up.

Change your sound settings

Whether you listen to music on your smartphone or computer, there are plenty of settings you can change so that the sound is altered to your specific tastes. For example, if you use Spotify, within the settings you can go to ‘Audio Quality’ and change the settings to ‘Very High’ streaming quality, which means the vocals and production on the rap music you listen to will sound much better.

Listen to YouTube recommendations

The YouTube algorithm is very smart. Through analysing your viewing history, it can recommend music to you that you’ll like. For example, if it sees that you enjoy listening to a particular rap artist, like Lil Nas X, it will recommend Lil Nas X videos to you in the recommendations bar. This is great if you want to broaden your music horizons and dive deeper into the catalogues of artists. Just make sure your viewing history is turned on in your YouTube account settings.