Get settled down somewhere comfortable, log on, get those fingers ready and prepare to enjoy another brilliant session of Slingo…

But hang on a minute, something important is missing.

You may be all set to get into another great shift at the Slingo coalface thanks to the Rainbow Riches Casino – but sometimes you really need that extra ingredient.

And we don’t mean a cold beer, a pile of toast or the sun on your back. We mean something that will keep you focused, excited and buzzing.

This is the day you find your playing requires addition of the ultimate gaming soundtrack. It’s that day when the standard piped backing track just won’t cut it.

It’s the day you find the radio station is stupid giggly noise. What you need is a special playlist that nails your mood.

Of course, there are some who will choose a sequence of pretty little pop songs to sing along with, others will go deep and dirty with a heavy metal list. Fancy cool jazz, bouncy folk or sexy dance tunes?

Nope. With an exciting game of repeating thrills where you need to keep concentrating we think it’s time to create a hot streaming rap playlist.

The Rap Playlist

Okay, there are lots of differences in people’s taste but we’re sure these selected playlists would keep most players happy during the heaviest Slingo session.

So whether you are a speakers or ear-plugs kind of player, try these:

1. RapCaviar
This is a Spotify playlist that keeps updating regularly with the best new tracks to add to the classics. This combo could be the perfect backdrop to your Slingo gaming.
2. ‘Hip Hop Hits’ on Pandora features a cool mix of the all-time greats and the contemporary hits of hip hop. Expect to hear plenty from Kendrick Lamas, Drake and Cardi B.
3. How about the ‘Beats and Bars’ playlist on Apple Music? You’ll get a great mix of underground and mainstream rap tunes – the focus is on the hardest-beats and the best lyrics.
4. Or try Tidal’s ‘Rap Game’ list. Here the focus is completely on highest-energy beats and the most memorable hook lines. It’s a great mix of classic and contemporary tracks.
5. Head to YouTube music for another serious sequence. The ‘Gaming Beats’ playlist has been specifically selected to form the backdrop to a gaming session. You’ll get a sizzling sequence of rap, EDM and high-energy dance. It will keep you moving those feet while focusing 100% on the game.
6. Slip back to Spotify and search ‘Rap Workout’. This is an ultra high-bounce energy rap stream. It’s perfect for getting pumped while playing. Focus and feel those beats!
7. Want to stay a little cooler? Try Spotify’s ‘Mellow Bars’ then. This is a playlist that features the best of melodic and chilled rap tunes. It exactly fits the mood if you want a little less hectic action.
8. Switch to Apple Music and click into the rap fest that is ‘Rap Life’. This is part of the official Apple Music output and features carefully curated tracks – plus exclusive interviews and chat about current and classic rap tracks.
9. Back on Spotify there’s a little-known treasure trove of rap paradise. Find the ‘Rap Old School’ playlist and then wallow in some of the all-time greats. You’ll get great body-shifting stuff from Tupac, Notorious B.I.G. and of course Wu-Tang Clan.
10. Apple Music’s ‘Essentials: Hop Hop’ playlist is an excellent source of serious beats. Expect to find what it says on the label – some of the most essential tunes of all time. While you play your Slingo this list will take you all the way from Grandmaster Flash to Jay-Z.
11. Want more up-to-date sounds? Then why not try the playlist we found that features the hottest rap artists in the world right now? That’s ‘Hip Hop Central’ streaming on Spotify. It’s totally banging!
12. Want to feel confident and unstoppable? That certainly sounds a good combo for a Slingo session. So find Apple Music’s ‘Feelin Myself’ – a special playlist designed to make you feel on top of the world. It’s a mix of rap, R&B and other high-energy genres that will make you feel like a winner – whatever happens in the Slingo game.
13. Nothing unlucky about this number 13. If you are hungry for some wicked street rap that is hard-hitting and mood electrifying, try this one. ‘Gangsta Rap’ on Apple Music features hardcore tracks from artists like N.W.A., Ice-T and 50 Cent.

You may get that Slingo line, you may not. That’s all part of the excitement.

And none of these playlists will change the odds.

But we reckon you’ll have a winning Slingo session with these powering along in the background of your playing – whatever happens in the game.