If you want to know why there’s no video for MC Shan’s “The Bridge” it’s simple — I couldn’t find one. Oh there are plenty of them for the 2001 revisit/sequel, and a few fan made ones for the original, but if an actual video of the hip-hop classic exists it hasn’t been uploaded to YouTube (yet).

1.) MC Shan – “Time For Us to Defend Ourselves”

2.) MC Shan – “Marley Scratch”

3.) MC Shan f/ TJ Swan – “Left Me Lonely”

4.) MC Shan – “Hip Hop Roughneck”

5.) MC Shan f/ Neek the Exotic, Diesel, Kool G Rap and Snow – “Pee-Nile Reunion”

6.) MC Shan – “Don’t Mean a Thing”

7.) MC Shan – “Let’s Bring Hip-Hop Back”

8.) MC Shan – “Highly Acclaimed No Need to Brag”

9.) MC Shan – “Gritty MC Shan”

9.) MC Shan x Queensbridge All Stars – “Da Bridge 2001”

10.) MC Shan – “Kill That Noise” & “The Bridge” Live

Bonus! MC Shan promotes Puma on Yo! MTV Raps