To this day I still feel like Das EFX never got the respect they deserved, just because people labelled them the “iggidy iggidy” rappers and wrote them off. Krazy Drayz and Skoob were hella dope in their day though.

1.) Das EFX – “They Want EFX”

2.) Das EFX – “Real Hip Hop”

3.) Das EFX – “Baknaffek”

4.) Das EFX – “Straight Out the Sewer”

5.) Das EFX – “Rap Scholar”

6.) Chubb Rock f/ Das EFX & PMD – “Beef”

7.) Das EFX f/ Mobb Deep – “Microphone Master”

8.) Krazy Drayz (Das EFX) – “Two Turntables”

9.) Skoob (Das EFX) – “They Don’t Like Me”

10.) PMD f/ Das EFX – “Rugged-N-Raw”