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As a helpful reminder to our loyal readership, the monthly cost of running the site (the webhosting server, payment processing fees, purchasing materials for review, the cost of utilities for our office space) runs parallel to the amount we receive from Patreon. There’s zero margin for error when we pull in $100 and spend $100. Some months it exceeds that amount and I make up the difference from the work I do as a writer for Cageside Seats. At other times we take guest posts (obvious from the pen name/pseudonym) to cover the operational costs.

Unfortunately this falls into the category of “necessary evil” since it’s hard to ask the people who have already generously pledged their support to do more, but it’s also hard to sustain the site without (A.) taking more guest posts or (B.) getting more of our readers to join our Patreon campaign. If just five readers who haven’t already joined pledged five dollars a month, we would meet our current funding goal of $125 monthly. That would give us the overhead to meet the rising cost of … well, EVERYTHING. It would also give us the option to turn down more guest posts than we already do.

I hope you appreciate the need to keep this resource alive. With a combined ten thousand reviews, articles, and editorials, is a valuable part of the hip-hop community online as well as a historical asset with 20+ years of knowledge available on demand. We’ve worked hard to keep the site growing and thriving, and if you could pledge your support on a monthly basis you’d be doing the same.

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