Typically, homage refers to paying respect to an amazing piece of work, a famous person in the craft, or a significant feature of a genre. Many people have artists, musicians, and filmmakers they love dearly and want to imitate. This is how up-and- coming musicians, filmmakers, painters, etc., find their voice in the industry. They tend to look up to their favorite artists and emulate them as a way to be creative themselves. When used correctly, an homage pays tribute to influential work, builds off established ideas, and can be a resource greater than the sum of its parts. Paying homage to music icons, Los Angeles-based artist, singer, songwriter, and producer, Izza is set to release a brand new single, “POPSTAR,” as she finds her voice in the industry.

Izza aims to show people that you can make fun and upbeat pop music with meaning. Her empowering lyrics and trap pop sound aims to encourage self-love, normalize vulnerability, and motivate her listeners to speak up and follow their dreams. “I also want to inspire other women to be in music because it is a male-dominated industry,” the artist asserted.

By coupling high-energy beats with positive messages, Izza wants to use her music as medicine for those who need to lift themselves up. Her most popular tracks include “Drop dead,” “Nintendo Bitch,” “Love Bracelets,” “Shut Up!,” “Crying in Silver Lake,” “Too Hot,” “God Of Los Angeles,” and “Lovers In The Dark,” among others.

Izza’s fans enjoy her rich vocals and how they naturally convey the emotion of her relatable storytelling. Last year, she dropped an infectious electro-pop track about heartbreak, “Crying in Silver Lake.” She talks about coping with heartbreak and that crying after a breakup is okay. The message unfolds around a cool electro-pop production with contagious melodies and a warm atmosphere ideal for a relaxing or meditative day at home. The singer will release her next single, “POPSTAR,” on the 26th of October, and she cannot wait to see her fans’ reaction to the banger.

The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter’s biggest career highlight was playing at 320 Festival alongside artists like Chris Martin of Coldplay, Elohim, and Social House. Izza reveals, “As an advocate for mental health, playing this festival was very special to me.”

Izza shares that she had to make it over numerous hurdles when getting started in the music industry. She had played tennis her whole life and didn’t have anyone who knew the music industry, so she had to push herself to figure out how to break into it. “When I was applying to college, I knew I wanted to study music, so I applied to universities with music industry programs. By studying the music industry in college, I was able to learn how to develop myself as an artist and how the industry works as a whole,” she added.

The up-and-coming artist believes that you can achieve anything you set your mind to as long as you don’t let anyone discourage you from following your dreams. She mentioned that she is the happiest she’s ever been since making music full-time and hopes others can find what they love and pursue it.

Izza’s goals are to headline Coachella, win Grammys, and inspire people to follow their dreams. However, she looks forward to being signed to a label and touring the world in a few years.