Because of massive competition, the music scene is one of the most challenging industries to break into. In addition, you have to overcome numerous other barriers in the industry that can test even the most committed artists. But with hard work, dedication, and passion, you can build a thriving musical career. Being authentic and innovative will also help you establish a distinct brand many can easily relate to. Recording artist Jovian is a prolific musician who defied the odds and turned his passion into a thriving musical career.

Jovian is an innately talented musician and one of the top names to watch out for. He is taking over the airwaves with his unique sound and style of music that many can’t get enough of. Some of his notable hits include timeless tracks such as “Timothée Chalamet”, “Shake It”, and “Better”, among others. The prolific artist is also gaining a solid fan base with thousands of followers on social media and beyond.

“My unique background of acting school for 11 years, conquering of my mental health challenges, being a lover of astronomy and fashion, and dealing with a disorder called synesthesia makes me a unique artist within the realm of music that anyone can absorb and not only be entertained with but ultimately be a better person AFTER engaging with my work, which is very rare nowadays,” Jovian explains.

Though he is already making a name for himself in the industry, Jovian wants other young artists to understand that a music career is never easy. You have to continually innovate your craft while staying abreast of the fast-paced nature of music. Though some people might view them as hardships, Jovian terms them as challenges meant to help you become a better person.

Reflecting on his past, Jovian grew up with few friends but plenty of depression, anxiety, and body dysmorphia. This meant lots of self-doubts that negatively impacted his personality. Fortunately, Jovian overcame these challenges by adopting a positive mindset. According to him, you are not the depression you feel. You are how you respond to that depression.

“I’d say I have a very specific mind and mentality where I do not give myself the option to even question my scenarios or my challenges. I just simply overcome them. Since I do not have that duality, there is no voice in my head that gives me the option to quit or to feel fatigued by the complicated industry that is this music thing. I know what I’m worthy of,” Jovian says.

Today, Jovian is passionate about creating music that has sensations of hope and proves hope, healing, and progress.

“I am living proof that not only do things get better when you actively work to make them better, but I am how it looks when you get to the other side,” Jovian adds.

Jovian now aims to tour the world, spreading happiness, positivity, and healing through his music. He wants to inspire others to learn the importance of positive attitudes toward life. Jovian’s dream is to become one of the biggest artists within not only Hip-Hop, R&B, and music as well as in all other realms of art.