Love has the power to heal, enlighten, and revive. It shows that nothing in this world is broken beyond repair. Life is meant to be full of challenges for everyone. What separates us is our attitude toward them. Rising artist, LilTonyRose, realized this much earlier in his life to overcome all hardships and become what he always wanted to be. While many artists quit the industry after facing challenges, LilTonyRose rebuilt himself, and now uses his music to tell his story to inspire people worldwide.

LilTonyRose is popularly called “Rap Therapist” by his fans because of the intense love that flows through his music. The young rapper has a distinct approach to Hip-Hop that sets him apart from other contemporary rappers in this space. LilTonyRose believes in love, which brings him positivity, and wants to spread the same through his music. This is the reason people from different walks of life feel connected to his music. With over 100K streams on Spotify and more than a million views on his official YouTube channel, LilTonyRose is setting the bar higher as a rap therapist who heals with love. His real-life experiences played a crucial role in shaping his perception of life, which influences his music.

From the age of 9, LilTonyRose knew what hardship was. After a horrible motorcycle crash that almost killed him, LilTonyRose was in a coma for 2 weeks. He also suffered a laceration of the liver and severe pain from a fracture in the skull. As it is said, “what doesn’t kills you makes you stronger”, and these unpleasant experiences only better prepared him for the forthcoming challenges in life. LilTonyRose was studying at Texas State University when life took an unfavorable turn and he was forced to quit his studies and look for a job.

For the next 2 years, LilTonyRose worked at Taco Bell to save money for a better life. At 17, he decided to pursue his passion for music as a career. Penetrating a closely-knit industry dominated by fresh talents from around the world was challenging. He soon realized that he had to be different to be unique and stand out. After working hard to hone his craft and spending several days and sleepless nights at the studio, LilTonyRose recorded a few hits that transformed his career. His songs became massive hits across social media as they not only resonated with people but also motivated them.

LilTonyRose is making his own mark in the industry with his original music. He is not chasing trends only for a few minutes of fame but is here to stay and outshine others with his unique music. LilTonyRose is also a storyteller, which helps him connect with listeners at a deeper level. His music narrates experiences from his life and childhood and reflects his perception of life, which has an infectious positive vibe.

Going forward, LilTonyRose wants to expand his brand by working with big names from the music industry. He has great dreams and won’t stop grinding until he accomplishes them. LilTonyRose wants to see himself in renowned publications and at some famous international events in the coming years. His goal is to inspire budding talents from his community to chase their dreams.