DJ Sahil Gulati is the one who, at the beginning of 2022, had even shown his magic in Soho Delhi when he played along with Farhan Akhtar.

Passionate DJ Gulati has been ruling the hearts of party-goers and music lovers in the capital. His music beats come from multiple genres like Bollywood, Hip-Hop, Progressive House, Deep House, and sometimes Techno, making him a pretty sought-after name in the industry. Sahil Gulati considered the most expensive DJ in Delhi, has rocked almost all top clubs in the capital, like Toy Room, Soho, Privee, Club BW, and more. His skills in audience interaction and, most importantly, connecting with the fans and music lovers with his musical sets have helped people unite with music and come together to have a ball of a time. All his musical sets and the gems he has created so far in his career have become trending tunes, raising his stocks in the DJing world.

DJ Sahil Gulati has now garnered even more headlines because, this time, he is all set to set up his DJ-based band soon. Fans and followers of his are already going gaga over this cheerful piece of news as they can’t wait to see more of his performances and groove to his unique sets. Not only that, but he is planning to set up his DJ Based Band and further broaden his spectrum of work and expertise. DJ Sahil will also be seen soon to play in Dubai.

The crowd goes berserk and dances wildly to music. There’s no doubt about anyone else playing music at the event other than DJ Gulati, as nothing beats the spinning skills of this music master. He has conquered the arena with his spectacular hands-on expertise in the music console. It won’t be wrong to say that DJ Sahil Gulati is one of the fastest-rising DJs in the current music scene who continues to push forward industry growth and seamlessly leaves his imprint in the same, rising as a modern-day DJing talent. Don’t miss out on watching him perform. Stay Tuned for further updates.