At its heart a slot game is just a simple game of chance for someone to relax and enjoy playing.

The idea of slots may have evolved from early lever-operated mechanical contraptions to state-of-the-art internet games – but it’s a pastime that has always supplied the same easy thrill for players.

Wheels covered with symbols spin while the player waits anxiously to see if they come to rest on a pay line. It’s easy to understand but always offers that little buzz of excitement with every spin.

Slots started in the US but have spread around the world.

The game has been called different things in different parts of the globe – including slot machines, one-arm bandits, or fruit machines. In Australia and New Zealand, slot games are typically known as pokies and many nz online casino have a range of pokies games on offer.

But whatever the game is called, it’s all the same system – and the same thrill.

Now the old machines of the physical casinos have turned into an online phenomenon, they’re usually simply called ‘slots’.

This online revolution in slots has been dramatic and rapid. The good old familiar tall box- shaped game found in the bricks-and-mortar venues has now become one the planet’s coolest pastimes.

Online casinos are reporting huge growth in slot playing, spread right across the generations. More and more people are realising that slots are such a quick and easy way to have fun.

Whether it’s a quick game while waiting for a bus or train – or settling down for a full-on evening session on the sofa at home, playing slots on a screen has become a one of the world’s most popular pastimes.

Some of this is because of the rise in remote access, fast internet and public wifi. Some of it is thanks to the spread of 4G and 5G and the increasing affordability of smartphones.

In addition to this, the creative and ingenious casino operators have really helped the rise of online slots. They have invested in employing the best game designers and graphic artists to bring slots bang up to date.

It was a game that used to involve pressing buttons on a metal box with flashing lights and electronic beeps. Sometimes they went wrong, jammed or didn’t work.

Sometimes the designs and ideas were out-of-date but the machines were too expensive to change.

Today, it’s different. The wonders of the worldwide web mean that slot games can utilise some very sophisticated technology indeed – and can be up-graded and up-dated whenever a casino wants.

Modern online slots can feature clever add-ons like extra spins, bonuses, striking graphics, pop-up video clips and soundtracks. The best online slots games are no longer just about a row of random symbols.

This is all because the casino’s expert web builders have been able to create thousands of different themed slot games. They can design any slot interface that could feature anything to attract and entertain players, including popular movies, historical characters, fantasy worlds and travel destinations.

And combining the ability to use soundtracks and visuals has inspired many of this new wave of slot game designers. The technology makes it easier than ever to create music- themed online slot games.

Music slots

That’s why we’ve seen music slots become hugely popular. Some of the most successful online slots are ones features Guns N’Roses, Motorhead and Jimi Hendrix.

Other successful music themes include Megadeth, Kiss, Elvis and Michael Jackson. It’s not just rock either – look out for Latin-music themes in games like the Mariachi Five or the La Bamba game.

From Alice Cooper to The Big Bopper, there now seems to be a music slot game for most genres, each with its own fans keen to spend time enjoying its thrills and soundtrack.

At first it seemed hard rock was the only genre that players wanted. Perhaps that largely male, grown-up audience was the first to try online slots.

Now the genres are spreading as different generations get attracted to the enticing charms of the world of music slots. Some are choosing country music; some go for old-school disco.

At the same time, many younger players are starting to realise the appeal of online slots. This has made industry experts start to predict there will be a rise in slot games geared to appeal to younger music fans.

Will the millennials be attracted to hip hop and rap-style slot games? All the indications are that, yes, rap games are set for take-off.

The experts point out that there are already some great modern urban music slot games at leading online casinos.

Try ‘Pimped’ for a simple combo of hip-hop music and thrilling gameplay with ten different pay lines. Or have a whirl with Hip Hop Panda, which mixes cute cuddly dancing pandas with super funky music.

Other newcomers to look out for include the urban hip hop soundtrack to Wild Beast and the up-front rapping playing during a game of Loaded.

After all there can’t be many slot fans, who don’t like listening to their favourite music during a game. And it’s all the better if the game and the music are in sync.

So with the growing general global popularity of hip hop and rap music, it seems very likely that more and more slot games will appear around these themes.

Even the least fashionable industry insiders reckon it could soon be time to ‘bust a move’ and ‘keep it trill’! – by hip hopping onto one of the coolest new online rap slot games.