At some point when I wasn’t looking mc chris released three volumes of fan remixes through his own website. I can’t find any evidence that they were ever pressed up into physical versions, though they have been archived online as official playlists on his own YouTube channel. Here’s an example from “vol. 1” called the “pizza butt shut your butt remix.”

If this is your first time experiencing Christopher Ward, here’s a (very) brief primer — he has an unusually high pitch, he loves to rap about nerdy things, and his distinctive vocal tone landed him numerous roles on [adult swim] shows. If any of his songs went mainstream outside of those cartoons it’s arguably “Nrrrd Grrrl,” which appropriately gets a chiptune remix on this album.

It’s kind of funny in hindsight that he’s rapping about Animal Crossing given how much bigger the franchise got afterward, particularly during the global viral catastrophe that YouTube warns you to never discuss or risk being demonitized. I mean what else were we going to do while stuck at home? Playing New Horizons certainly helped pass the time. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I spend a whole lot less time on it since vaccines became available. I should probably check in and make sure all my villagers didn’t move out.

There’s nothing very essential about “mcid remixes vol. 1” largely because despite them being decent alternate takes they’re not better than the original songs. Perhaps that’s why track seven only has 513 views on YouTube in the ten years between being uploaded and me writing the review. I don’t think that makes this a bad album, but it also explains why it was given away for free and never pressed in a physical form… and because then Mr. Ward didn’t have to pay anybody for remixing his songs. Hey, I don’t blame him. The fans were probably happy just to know he thought enough of their work to salute it. I salute them too.

mc chris :: mcid remixes vol. 1
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