Oakland rapper and producer ovrkast.’s latest effort “RESET!” is an EP robust with style and frustration. Layered with raw emotion and expressive beats, ovrkast. takes to the mic to reflect on the confused and sometimes static nature of his inner thoughts and feelings.

On “TBH!”, the rapper proclaims, “To be honest, I don’t know how I’m feeling inside,” and then, not long after, “I just know my feelings could cry.”

On the hook of the same song, he speaks from a place that appears to reflect some of the social pressures and expectations in his life, saying, “But I gotta go get it, I gotta go get it, I guess.” All of this is backed by a sample that states aggressively, “Shut up!” over and over again.

Bits of the project’s title track are a notch more positive, however, and speak on ovrkast.’s rhyming and history, with the lines,

“As a kid I knew I was obsessive
watching words and similes curve in different directions
but what a blessing, I never had to pick up that Smith & Wesson to send a message
I wrote it in my book and kept it close to my dresser”

The second part, however, echoes similar sentiments to those presented in “TBH!” with lines such as, “I’ve been holding rage in, ’bout to go insane.”

ovrkast. does express some due bragging on “Seamless”, the opening track, when he speaks of his production chops with pride via the lyrics “And I could use this beat in seven years and it’ll still be hot.” He might be right about this, as the beats he’s created assist his lyrics well in completing the expressed lyrical feelings by way of guitar and piano chords, trumpets and even the occasional woodwinds, in such a way that is not to be overlooked.

Even this track finds itself in a similar space as the others, however, as the rapper nearly summarizes the entire project by simply proclaiming “This shit ain’t adding up.”

ovrkast.’s weaknesses as an artist are not obvious or apparent. It’s hardly a stretch to say that the songs on “RESET!” are far more engaging than that of many of his contemporaries by way of introspection and genuine lyrics. Not only do ovrkast.’s reflections and thoughtful sentiments draw attention effectively, however, they also avoid commanding it.

In this way, “RESET!” is just as much an enjoyable listen as it is an emotionally difficult one. Couple this with ovrkast.’s sufficient technical capabilities and proficiency as a producer and “RESET!” is more than deserving of repeat listens.

ovrkast. :: RESET!
7Overall Score