Casino symbolism and rap culture have long been paired together, with the likes of Drake dropping lines about playing cards with girls in class and 2Pac’s songs mentioning casinos in no other than Las Vegas. It seems that the two go hand in hand. With the casino sector representing risk, reward, luxury and going from nothing to riches, it seems that it has a lot in common with the rapping world; these factors can be seen as an allegory for many aspects of a rapper’s life.

What’s more, singers like Jay Z have been known to actively push casino legislation to change in numerous states across the US as he promotes the industry. As a result, many quality casino sites like Bally Casino UK are available to people across the world so they can get in on the action too.

So what is the fascination with rappers playing casino games, and how does the casino sector benefit from this symbiotic relationship? Below, we’ll take a closer look at how the casino industry and rappers intertwined.

Which rappers are known to casino game?

There are many celebrities across the world where it’s well known that they enjoy a casino game or two. However, there’s something different about the rapping genre that intertwines rappers with the casino industry, in which there are symbols of casino gaming all across their lyrics in songs and in the imagery used in music videos. As such, the casino sector is also known for pairing with rappers for promotional content and marketing campaigns.

Let’s take a look at which artists are known for their dealings with the casino sector.


Drake is one of the best known and most successful rappers in the world, having won numerous awards, from Grammy’s to MTV, BET and Billboard music awards. However, when it comes to his personal life, Drake is much more private and does his best to keep any dealings in the casino world away from the cameras.

That being said, there is a rumor that Drake once lost as much as $200,000 in a game of cards. As for what casino games he plays with friends behind closed doors, we’re yet to find out for certain.


Unlike Drake, Nelly is much more public about his activity in the casino world, in which he openly talks about the industry and his participation in casino games. He has even taken part in the World Series of Poker and is also known for participating in other high stakes casino games. He claims that his favorite casino game is Texas Hold’em.

Jay Z

Jay Z is another of the most successful rappers in the world, in which he’s known for making extravagant moves like renting out the Louvre museum in Paris with his wife Beyonce so they could film a music video. When it comes to card games, Jay Z is not shy about this either, in which he loves to play in high stakes games. His favorite casino game of all time though is Black Jack.

Jay Z’s interaction with the casino industry reflects the symbiotic relationship perfectly, as he is known for also wagering his music career by helping artists who are not very likely to succeed. He’s also known for being a keen sports betting person too. If you fancy taking your chances in running into him at a casino, the big titles in Las Vegas are where you’ll likely find him.

50 Cent

50 Cent is known for his love of all things sports betting, in which he has a particular interest in the boxing world. Records show that he once bet over 1.5 million dollars on Floyd Mayweather Jr boxing against Manny Pacquiao. Unlike other celebrity rappers that try to keep their casino gaming life private, 50 Cent lets it be known to the world that he wagers as a hobby and is passionate about many different casino games.

Reference to casino within the music

Hip hop culture, which encompasses rapping, is known for its bold and sometimes dark approach where the lyrics discuss the best and the gritty parts of life and not in equal measure.

Casino reference in rapper music is very prevalent and encompasses all aspects of it, from the success and enjoyment that can come from it, to the addiction and large losses that also come with such games that are based on chance or competition.

What are the effects of casinos being mentioned in rapper music?

A lot of the time in today’s culture, casino gaming is seen as a taboo subject that shouldn’t be talked about. However, the rapping industry is helping to break stigmas and make casino games be seen as something risky but enjoyable and absolutely acceptable to play if you stay within your limits.

Overall, rap music and casinos are cast in many different lights, depending on which side of the conversation you are having. However, one thing is clear that this symbiotic relationship is helping to make the act of casino less taboo and more of an open subject in today’s society.