Glamorous lifestyle, expensive cars, private jets, lavish parties in multi-million cribs, and luxury brands have become a landmark of the rap subculture. Although this way of living is entertaining, it also involves a large amount of money. The most famous rappers can afford this lifestyle, which also includes gambling. Since rap superstars are always on the go, they don’t have time to visit Sin City too frequently. Therefore, they turned their focus to mobile casinos. In this article, we reveal the reasons behind the growing popularity of mobile casinos among rappers.

The Convenience of Mobile Casinos

Mobile casinos have started dominating the online gambling industry due to their high availability. Players don’t need to visit land-based venues anymore, although brick-and-mortar casinos provide a memorable atmosphere. You are not restricted to playing from your home either, thanks to mobile casinos, which provide you with the opportunity to enjoy casino gaming from anywhere.

There are quite a few rappers that love to gamble, and although they visit Las Vegas pretty frequently, they start opting for a more convenient way of gambling. Since rap superstars are always on the go, they don’t have too much time to enjoy playing their favorite games in land-based casinos. Moreover, mobile casinos are becoming more popular among rappers since they can de-stress themselves in the fast- paced environments they are usually in. If you are a huge fan of rap music and its biggest stars, you might want to try things they do and have some gambling action. Therefore, we bring the most famous rappers that love casino games, which might inspire you to try out your luck.

Drake and Roulette

Drake is among the most famous rappers in the current rap scene. Champagne Papi “Drake” has earned a huge wealth, so he has enough chips to bet. We shouldn’t be surprised that Drake plays at tables that allow five-figure stakes. He prefers playing roulette, both in person and online. Although Drake tries to keep his private life to himself, his gambling actions are usually huge news in the media. A $200,000 loss is the highlight, but it is a drop in the ocean since he earns millions of dollars on his tours.

Nevertheless, the Canadian rap superstar has also recorded six-figure winnings by spinning the wheels. He pocketed a $354,000 prize by playing live roulette earlier this year. If you want to try out your luck and search for the best Canadian mobile casinos, visit this source and find an operator that suits your playing style the most. Drake’s passion for roulette is still vivid despite his time-packed schedule full of touring, recording albums, and dad duties. Nevertheless, thanks to mobile casinos, Drake can enjoy his favorite casino game from the comfort of his home.

We undoubtedly know that roulette is his preferred casino game since Drake has a $600,000-worth roulette watch. Fun fact – the watch has a fully functional roulette inside its clockwork. Although it is not a custom-made piece for the famous rapper, just 88 items are available around the globe. Since Drake started streaming his live roulette experiences, we can expect to see him in a lot of mobile casino gambling action!

Jay-Z and Online Poker

One of the most famous and recognizable rappers has never hidden his affection for gambling. We all know his songs, but we bet you were not aware that he is a certified baseball and basketball sporting activities representative. Besides his love for sports, Jay-Z is also passionate about online poker. Of course, he heads to high-limit tournaments, where stakes are usually measured in six figures.

There are always wins and losses in gambling, and Jay-Z has experienced quite a few. He shed hundreds of thousands of dollars on boxing matches and Texas Hold’Em but also managed to recoup losses in high-stake blackjack games. Nowadays, Jay-Z also enjoys playing blackjack and poker in mobile casinos since they provide better convenience.

P Diddy and Blackjack

Sean Combs, a.k.a. P Diddy, is another rap superstar that has an extravagant way of life which also includes gambling. Besides placing high-stake bets, P Diddy also spends a lot of time at land-based and mobile casinos. His favorite game is blackjack, regardless if he plays it at a brick-and-mortar venue or on the go. P Diddy usually plays blackjack before his performances, and he can be considered an ambassador of this popular casino game.

Although Sean is probably not such a gambling enthusiast as other rap superstars, he fancies testing his skills in blackjack. Reportedly, P Diddy has been quite successful in his gambling adventures. Thanks to mobile casinos, he can now play his favorite casino game anytime and anywhere.

Nelly and Poker

The rap superstar from the early 2000s, well-known for plaster on his cheek and the Country Grammar album that led him to stardom, is another avid gambler. Cornell Iral Haynes Jr enjoys playing poker whenever he gets an opportunity. This rapper has proven poker skills which sealed them a place in the 2007 World Series of Poker. Texas Hold’Em poker is his favorite game, but generally, he participates in charity tournaments.

Young Thug and Dice

Fast forward to the present, where Young Thug is among the most popular and influential rappers. His unique fashion style makes him recognizable, but he is also very passionate about playing casino games. Poker and dice are his preferred games in land-based and mobile casinos, and we don’t need to mention that Young Thug usually visits high-stake tables. His poker skills allow him to compete against professional players, but eventually, Young Thug is more after the thrill than the money since he already has a lot.


You might want to try a casino game your favorite rap artist likes the most. Of course, these celebrities’ lifestyle includes high-stake gambling, and you should be responsible when staking at a mobile casino table. Nevertheless, these stories can inspire you to experience a lot of fun, and if you get lucky, you can make your own story about hitting huge winnings in a mobile casino!