You heard him on DJ Clue right? No, I’m not talking about one of his mix tapes – I mean you’ve heard him +ON+ DJ Clue’s ass; tearing “Ernesto” a new one for dissing his raps in Blaze Magazine. Now comes the response – a “Hostile Takeover” of the music industry by any means necessary with his deep voice and humerous rhymes.

This album, more than many that have come along in a while, relies heavily on the strength of the lyricist – which is where it succeeds and fails. Jugga is funny throughout – a rapper who is “so sick I got the AIDS virus scared” but it’s only on songs like “Pressure”, “Nonstop”, and “Feel Me” that the beats compliment his flow. The latter one-ups Eminem’s triple-cadence flow on “Forgot About Dre” and pays allegiance to his Southern roots while busting funny snaps like “Y’all can’t win like Gargamel/how you gon’ shine if it’s Dark as Hell?/Belive it’s HOT if it comes from me” that may have DMX steamin mad on dirt. Elsewhere you’ll rock to “Shit is Bangin'”, the ultra-smooth (despite it’s title) “Silly Putty”, the watery sound of “You Dat” (an indictment of weakness in general) and of course the hilarious “Clueless (Fuck Clue)” and raw “She Got Game”.

Jugga’s definitely out to prove the rep he earned from being dissed in Blaze was worth it – and the anger obviously has him amped to turn out fat product. It’s just a shame that he has yet to hook up with producers who who can provide the kind of bangin beats he needs to crank his humor up to the next level. As a snap master he could give Redman and Chino XL a run for the money but without the next level of production he’ll still be best know as the rapper who called out Clue.


Jugga the Bully :: Hostile Takeover
7Overall Score