If Bahamadia is lacking in anything, it isn’t confidence. DJ Revolution scratches her intro on this seven track EP; and works in a clever and appropriate MC Lyte sample: “I’m the dopest female that you’ve heard thus far!”

If you’re not familiar with the soft-spoken lyrical phenomenon known as Bahamadia, consider the opening track “Special Forces” your chance to catch up. “Liftin up my left tittie to y’all token chicks; you ain’t really hot you just image and politics.” Et tu Amil? The thing that flips heads about the BB Queen is she speaks these fiery linguistics are flips verbal wordplay at a vocal tone barely above a whisper. No need to fear; the extra-clean track by Mountain Brothers own Chops makes sure that he, Planet Asia and Rasco can all rip with her on this track.

The follow-up is a lush, wet flowing bass orgasm called “Commonwealth (Cheap Chicks)” where Bahamadia gives up the props to the women LL Cool J might have called “Around the Way Girls” a decade ago. No, this ain’t lesbian love – it’s a SISTER thang, dig?

“Caps off to you if you frugal
and really not used to
rockin nuttin but Southpole or FUBU
Take a couple dollars and spread it out like a tutu
Not ashamed to admit that ballin was never in you”

Slum Village makes a nice lyrical and musical cameo on the following track, “One-4-Teen (Funky For You).” Did you ever think somebody this demure sounding would spit verbals like “The bassline bangin as fuck” on a track? On the next track though, Bahamadia plays silent host as producer and vocalist Dwele gives it up for their hometown on “Philadelphia”, and we’re not talking Tom Hanks or a Philly Cheesesteak – we’re talking FUNK.

As the album winds down through “Beautiful Things” and the massively up-tempo “Pep Talk”, you’ll find you’ve been enchanted by the vibes and BB’s soulful silky smooth stylings. For the listener her vocals inspire a love/hate relationship; so it’s no surprise that it was Guru and Primo who first put her on back in ’95/’96. If you find yourself straining to hear her raps then her style might not be for you, but you’d sure be missin out on somethin funky. On an EP this short with talent this good, it’s really hard to go wrong.

Bahamadia :: BB Queen
8Overall Score