Time for a confession: Part of me always wanted to rap. Not necessarily be Jay-Z (as if), but be involved in lyrics or beats in some way. It’s obvious that a guy that loves hip-hop and loves writing would be drawn to this rap shit. Now I could only see myself as a producer, being the sample hound that I am, but back in high school my friends and I would bullshit, beatbox and make up stupid (and I mean stupid) rhymes.

Um, I swear I went to school with Mighty Casey, which is the biggest dis as well as the biggest complement I could ever give him. He is corny and silly, and probably will be doing something else with his life in two years – if not already. However, his LP is one of the few laugh-out-loud hilarious albums I’ve listened to all year. And he has something that not many other MCs can claim: Fun.

The apex of the 9-track album has to be “White Girls,” a Black man’s ode to white women that literally had me crying with laughter. He flips “White Lines” something lovely, but I can’t imagine Melle Mel approving:

“White girlllllllllls, going through my miiiiiind
White girlllllllllls, help me unwiiiiiiind
Don’t tell Minister Farrakhan
He don’t wanna know what’s going on
Cuz white girllllllllllls, won’t go away”

It’s more foul than pork, but like Eminem and Fatlip, Casey seems painfully aware of his fucked-up view – and how funny it is. Other tracks, which you can infer the subject by their titles, are “Liquorland,” “Black Rapping School,” and – ahem – “Liquorland 2.” Did I mention there are only 9 tracks?

Unfortunately, his lyrical skills and beats (done by Casey and DJ Laye) aren’t on par with his wit, making the album altogether a weak experience. The one exception is the insanely-tight album opener, “Original Rudebwoy,” which sounds – literally – like Premier. How did this happen? I don’t know, but Casey better go back and get into that zone. For now, though, what you’ll get is an alright LP good for a spin or two. Maybe it’s better to wait until he, like Eminem, finds his Dr. Dre. Does Wendy Day produce?

Mighty Casey :: Original Rudebwoy
6Overall Score