In a word, GARBAGE.

Sorry – for a moment there I thought I was writing like my man Laze over at Eminem disc, which I thought was pretty marginal at best. Why you ask? Because most of his best songs were not “hits.” At least in Em’s case they managed to cover the popular stuff. This disc doesn’t even do that. Where are these songs?

* When the Shit Goes Down
* The Phuncky Feel One
* Hits From the Bong
* A to the K
* Boom Biddy Bye Bye
* Tequila Sunrise
* Rap Superstar
* Lowrider
* What’s Your Number?

You guessed it, none of these classic Cypress Hill tracks are included on this 12 track album. Aside from the weak gimmick of having TWO NEW TRACKS, neither of which are memorable (“The Only Way” and “EZ Come EZ Go”) there’s nothing here to interest a diehard Cypress Hill fan, let alone a casual one. And they don’t come much more diehard than I do, considering I drove a couple of hours to the Pine Knob to see them perform on Smoking Grooves and stood in line a half hour just so B-Real and Sen Dog could autograph my poster. This shit doesn’t cut it. It’s an insult to Cypress Hill fans and an insult to the group themselves, who couldn’t have possibly endorsed such a ridiculously lackluster piece of shit. Save your money and don’t buy this unless you REALLY REALLY REALLY need “Latin Lingo” and “Dr. Greenthumb” on the same CD. You could create a better and cheaper “Greatest Hits” using iTunes.

Cypress Hill :: Greatest Hits From the Bong