Sacramento is a place known for dark, horror-filled rap. The city’s first superstar came in the form of C-Bo who was arguably the most gangsta of the gangsta rappers out during his time. C-Bo’s hardcore rhymes were followed by Brotha Lynch Hung, a rapper with a name guaranteed to cause controversy. BLH’s appeal didn’t stop at crazy names as his debut CD “Season of da Siccness” sold significant units while containing references to murdering babies, cannibalism, and rape. BLH was followed up by X-Raided who gained a cult following due to his larger than life persona. Not only did X-Raided follow BLH’s formula of horror raps, he was actually arrested and remains incarcerated for murder. Given the city’s dark history in the rap game, it should come as no surprise that 95% of the rap coming out of Sac-town is unapologetic, hardcore gangsta rap. No rapper is likely to reach the success BLH had, but the city has developed a loyal following of fans. For that reason, it’s also no surprise that I don’t peep Sac-town rappers as much as I do other cities. The lack of diversity in rap styles meant I usually had to be in the mood for some dark, murder raps. T-Nutty has changed my perception of what Sacramento is all about. The man has hit us with cleverly titled albums for a few years now. “Last of the Flowheakinz” still ranks among the top of my list for movie inspired album titles. Since I never got around to picking up that CD, I decided to peep 2008 T-Nutty with “Raw From Da Jaw.”

The first thing that jumps at you when you listen to T-Nutty is his rap style. He’s a fast rapper in the style of Twista and Tech N9ne and has a lot of energy and animation in his voice. Given his unique style, you won’t get mad when T-Nutty remakes a few golden age classics. “He’s Bacc” is a west coast version of LL Cool J’s “I’m Bad.” “Gas Face” is a new school version of the classic 3rd Bass song, though the beat is very different on this one. T-Nutty is well aware of his unique and dope style and highlights it on “Spit That:”

“OK, here we go from the top, I’ma show you niggas really how to do it
It’s time for me to step it up a notch
cause I’m finna get critical with the syllables and hit em with the new shit
Sort of like a Nutty kung-fu kick, ha-ya I-ya spit that fire
Burn the rubber like a tire on some deuces
We all know I gets the loosest and I only should be fucking with the sick producers
In the mix like different juices, try to fight and I’ma leave you toothless
Like a grandfather, this some of that lyrical manslaughter
Nigga run up and I’m dropping hands proper, somebody call a doctor
Murder rap is my motherfucking hobby
I sit up and write it and spit a verse to uncle bobby
He said I’m a prophet cause I be chopping like karate
Anybody can get it like I’m a nigga with a shottie
As a little bittie nigga I was naughty
fighting over toys while my nose hella snotty
Anything goes for those that don’t know
for real it’s no joke I’ma bring it to the party
Cause I don’t think they know me yet
It’s T-Nutty, your street buddy
So tell them geeks to back up with the bologna breath
I’m snapping like OG pep, don’t creep cause I already crept
Up on ya, and I tried to warn ya flowheakinz be leaving a mess”

T-Nutty is someone you really need to listen to before you fully appreciate how he fits so many words in one bar, but even without the dope style his lyrics are very respectable. Topic wise, the album doesn’t stray too far from the “murder raps” T-Nutty claims to spit. The difference is the way T-Nutty delivers his murder raps as he does it with more style than most gangsta rappers. Tracks like “I’m In the Air” and “Boom” don’t break new ground in the topic, but are unique in the way they are delivered. T-Nutty does get a bit generic on tracks like “Loyalty” and “Pillow Talk,” but the dope flow and smooth beats help both tracks.

T-Nutty reps hard for Sacramento on “Raw From Da Jaw.” A lot of rappers brag about their style, but T-Nutty backs up his trash talk with a unique and dope take on the rap game. I’ve heard some rumblings of T-Nutty being the next big thing out of the west coast and I can finally see why. The man has a catchy and appealing flow and moves from gangsta to battle raps in a fluid manner. The beats, while a little generic at times, provide plenty of bump. Overall, if you’re in the market for some atypical gangster rap that rises above the average T-Nutty is the man to see.

T-Nutty :: Raw From Da Jaw
7Overall Score