This EP is basically a digital 12″ of remixes from Bekay’s recent “Hunger Pains” album. The EP features two versions of “I Am” and “Brooklyn Bridge,” one with new verses over the original beat, and another with the original verses over a new beat.

It starts off with “I Am” featuring the Dilated Peoples rapping over the Alchemist’s original beat, and Bekay throwing some new rhymes:

“For what it’s worth
Hip-Hop’s like Ma Dukes to me
She’s been breastfeeding me since birth
She made me
Taught me how to talk this way
Run-D.M.C. taught me how to walk this way”

The People’s style is a perfect fit to the track, and they add some West Coast flavor to the song’s embodiment of East Coast hip hop:

“Stage killing
Bridge building
Parents think they kids illing
Worldwide language of the streets that their kid’s are feeling
Same love, different bop
Different walk, different talk”

Next up is DJ Qvali’s remix of the same song. He smooths out the edges with some nice soul strings and wah wah guitar, giving the track a blacksploitation feel to it. Qvali got on the EP as the winner of a remix contest held by, and he definitely earns his prize.

“Brooklyn Bridge (Pt. II)” is a continuation of the album track with Sha Stimuli, Push! Montana and Bekay laying new rhymes over DJ Babu’s original beat. Sha uses his turn on the mic to paint a picture of Brooklyn that doesn’t gloss over the rough parts:

“Growing up seeing persons get murdered
Cops search for the verdict
We sing ‘Lord have mercy’ in churches
I see life
I observe it and word it
Then I turn it into verses”

It’s followed with M-Phazes reimagining “Brooklyn Bridge.” He beefs up the song with some horns, guitars and electric piano, giving the song a space-age lounge feel.

None of the tracks stray too far from the NY underground feel of “Hunger Pains,” which is a good thing. Fans of “Hunger Pains” will want to cop this. If you are unlucky enough to have slept on Bekay, this EP is an indication of what you’ve been missing.

Bekay :: The Hunger Pains Remix EP
8Overall Score