The “20 Most” from two years ago had a major problem. Even though “The Blueprint 3” had some of the biggest of Jay-Z’s career, not a single one of his videos from said same album could be found on YouTube. To this day the situation perplexes me – I don’t think there’s ever been a good explanation as to why.

Thankfully 2011 is a year where we can correct that problem. The most hard hitting song of the year, with the most visually compelling video of the year, is Jay-Z and Kanye West’s smash hit “Otis.” When you say “unforgettable” that’s not a term that should be thrown around lightly, but the complete deconstruction of a $350,000 Maybach is truly a once in a decade moment. That’s clearly not a car you can rent and bring to the shoot for the day. Somebody had to put up the money for that car (hopefully the label and not the artists) just so it could be torn apart and turned into something straight out of a “Mad Max” movie. If you’re going to flaunt excess, might as well make some sparks fly in the process – LITERALLY.

“I GUESS I GOT MY SWAGGER BACK” nails it perfectly.

1.) Jay-Z & Kanye f/ Otis Redding – “Otis”

2.) Bad Meets Evil f/ Bruno Mars – “Lighters”

3.) Dr. Dre f/ Akon, Snoop Dogg – “Kush”

4.) J. Cole – “Work Out”

5.) DJ Khaled + More – “I’m On One”

6.) Kanye West f/ Kid Cudi, Rihanna – “All of the Lights”

7.) Lil Wayne f/ Rick Ross – “John”

8.) Nicki Minaj – “Super Bass”

9.) Wale f/ Jeremih, Rick Ross – “That Way”

10.) Lupe Fiasco f/ Trey Songz – “Out of My Head”