R.I.P. Pimp C.

“One wit a trigger, two wit a bat
Three big brothers, fo’ – wanna squab with me
so I guess a brother gotta throw
Tell ’em like this, ya better get up out my camp dude
Befo’ I have to pull my gat and get, real rude
I don’t figure that it’s worth gettin hurt
Just ’cause ya gal wanna give me that skirt
Bet it feels funny when ya doin 69
Knowin that ya sippin on all my jimmy wine
And when ya get a kiss, do ya feel bad
knowin that ya swallowed all the skeeter that I had?
You wanna step to me but I don’t really think ya should
I shoulda shot you up instead I told ya somethin good”

1.) UGK – “Something Good”

2.) UGK f/ OutKast – “Int’l Players Anthem”

3.) Bun B + many more – “You’re Everything”

4.) UGK – “Take It Off”

5.) UGK – “Da Game Been Good to Me”

6.) Bun B + many more – “Get Throwed”

7.) UGK – “The Game Belongs to Me”

8.) Bun B f/ Drake – “Put It Down”

9.) UGK – “Wood Wheel”

10.) Bun B f/ Sean Kingston – “That’s Gangsta”