Perhaps I’m feeling overly nostalgic but right now I miss the era when Earl Simmons b/k/a DMX was only thought of as a top notch hip-hop artist and not the constant train wreck of court cases, probation violations and reality television that his life has become. There was a time when DMX seemed to be the unquestioned top hardcore to pop crossover hip-hop star, but almost as soon as he peaked at the top, he came crashing down at an even faster rate.

What he left behind in a meteoric blaze of glory was a memorable series of hip-hop songs and music videos that we can all still enjoy to the present day, while we all pray that he somehow someway eventually gets his life together. Even if that never happens he did leave behind an artist legacy that while at times provoked mirth (such as his constant growling and barking) also proved memorable for the genuine emotions he put into every song. Whether he was happy, depressed, angry or horny, whether what you heard was memorable, evocative or outright crass, you never had any question about what DMX was feeling. He laid it all on the line with the full boldness of his personality and delivery in an unforgettable way, and this video selection pays tribute to Dark Man X for that hip-hop legacy.

1.) DMX – “Slippin'”

2.) DMX – “X Gon’ Give it To Ya”

3.) DMX – “What’s My Name?”

4.) DMX – “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem”

5.) DMX f/ Sisqo – “What They Really Want”

6.) DMX – “Who We Be”

7.) DMX – “How’s It Goin’ Down”

8.) DMX – “Party Up (Up In Here)”

9.) DMX – “Get At Me Dog”

10.) DMX – “Stop Being Greedy”