“When you on the corners, there’s too much drama
Livin with the police right behind ya
It’s always more than a slight reminder
We livin in a war zone like Rwanda
Before I go back to the Heavenly Father
Pray for me if it ain’t too much bother
Whatever don’t break me a-make me stronger
I feel like I can’t take too much longer
It’s too much lyin, and too much fightin
I’m all cried out ’cause I grew up cryin
They all got a sales pitch I ain’t buyin
They tryin to convince me that I ain’t tryin
We uninspired, we unadmired
And tired and sick of being sick and tired
of livin in the hood where the shots are fired
We dyin to live, so to live, we dyin
You just like I am”

11.) The Roots – “How I Got Over”

12.) The Roots f/ Cody ChestnuTT – “The Seed (2.0)”

13.) The Roots f/ Chrisette Michelle, Wale – “Rising Up”

14.) The Roots – “Star”

15.) The Roots – “75 Bars”

16.) The Roots f/ Patrick Stump – “Birthday Girl”

17.) The Roots f/ Dice Raw, Greg Porn – “Understand”

18.) The Roots f/ Musiq – “Break You Off”

19.) The Roots f/ Dom – “I Don’t Care”

20.) The Roots f/ Patty Crash – “Never”