“Yo, I’m every MC, it’s all in me
That’s the way it is, when ya gotta be
Indeed as I distort I proceed, indeed
Gettin hotter than sacks of boom
in my room at the Ramada
For tanks in your memory banks to fill up
I provide the static, with scratch to match
while you catch the vibe
Most can play high post, but yo that don’t mean s–t
Because my click’ll make a motherf—er sick
I flips, redder than pork, comin to New York to mix
(It’s Bob Powers) with the snares and kicks to fix
Rhythmatically, you got ta be, static-y
Magically I appear, spark a L and drink a beer”

1.) The Roots – “Distortion to Static”

2.) The Roots – “Proceed”

3.) The Roots – “The Next Movement”

4.) The Roots f/ Eve, Erykah Badu – “You Got Me”

5.) The Roots – “What They Do”

6.) The Roots – “Clones”

7.) The Roots – “Silent Treatment”

8.) The Roots – “Don’t Say Nuthin'”

9.) The Roots – “Concerto of the Desperado”

10.) The Roots f/ John Legend – “The Fire”