“I knew this girl named Tropicana
She’s always juicing
Producing cash for my sexual task
She loves men that trick like Halloween and treat
You ain’t paid then your grade is incomplete
You’ve got to flash dollars, to prove her
And when you do, she sucks it up like a Hoover
Taking all your papes like inhalation of vapes
Her nasal passages is filled with money
and it’s massive”

1.) Brand Nubian – “Slow Down”

2.) Grand Puba – “360 (What Goes Around)”

3.) Brand Nubian – “Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down”

4.) Brand Nubian – “Love Me or Leave Me Alone”

5.) Grand Puba – “I Like It”

6.) Brand Nubian – “Don’t Let It Go to Your Head”

7.) Brand Nubian f/ Starr – “Hold On”

8.) Grand Puba – “A Little of This”

9.) Brand Nubian – “Word Is Bond”

10.) Sadat X – “Hang ‘Em High”