“Capital Punishment, when I’m up in it, suckin it
Bustin it out, nice blouse, let me unbutton it
You’re fuckin wit King Papi Chulo when knockin culo
Pop your mulos out the socket tryin to ride with the sumo
You know my rise is high, word I be drillin em
Bitches be tryin to ride but the current be killin em
Fillin em with the cash, my cheese premium unleaded
Come get it, first wreck the ton, then let the Pun hit it
Split it in half, watch the gas, baby take a bath
Be good, I might put away the wood and give you the mustache”

1.) Big Pun – “I’m Not a Player”

2.) Big Pun f/ Noreaga – “You Came Up”

3.) Big Pun f/ Fat Joe – “Deep Cover ’98”

4.) Big Pun f/ Joe – “Still Not a Player”

5.) The Beatnuts f/ Big Pun, Cuban Link – “Off the Books”

6.) Big Pun f/ Terror Squad – “Whatcha Gonna Do”

7.) J-Lo f/ Big Pun, Fat Joe – “Feelin’ So Good”

8.) Big Pun f/ Tony Sunshine – “100%”

9.) Big Pun f/ Donell Jones – “It’s So Hard”

10.) Big Pun – “How We Roll”