“I go to work… like a doctor
When I rock the mic, you’ve got to like
The way I operate
I make miracles happen, just from rappin
I’m so lyrically potent
And I’m floatin, and explodin
On the scene mean
I’ve got the potential
To make you go then chill
I got the credentials, that are so essential
to make up rhymes and chill”

1.) Kool Moe Dee – “I Go to Work”

2.) Kool Moe Dee f/ Chuck D, KRS-One – “Rise ‘N’ Shine”

3.) Kool Moe Dee – “Wild Wild West”

4.) Kool Moe Dee – “How Ya Like Me Now”

5.) Kool Moe Dee – “They Want Money”

6.) Kool Moe Dee – “How Kool Can One Black Man Be?”

7.) Kool Moe Dee – “Go See the Doctor”

8.) Kool Moe Dee – “God Made Me Funke”

9.) Kool Moe Dee – “Death Blow”

10.) The Treacherous Three – “Feel the New Heartbeat”