“Yo, I play my enemies like a game of chess
Where I rest no stress if you don’t smoke sess
‘less, I must confess, my destiny’s manifest
In some Goretex and sweats
I make tracks like I’m homeless
Rap orgies with Porgie and Bess
capture your bounty like Elliot Ness YES!
Bless you if you represent the Fu
but I hex you
with some witches brew if you doo-doo”

1.) Fugees – “Ready or Not”

2.) Fugees f/ Outsidaz – “Cowboys”

3.) Fugees – “Fu-Gee-La”

4.) Fugees – “Nappy Heads”

5.) Fugees – “Vocab”

6.) Fugees f/ ATCQ, Busta Rhymes – “Rumble in the Jungle”

7.) Fugees x Bounty Killer – “Hip Hopera”

8.) Fugees (Lauryn Hill) – “Killing Me Softly (Live)”

9.) Fugees – “Boof Baf”

10.) Fugees (Wyclef) x Cypress Hill – “Boom Biddy Bye Bye”