A few years back I was at Barley Street Tavern in Omaha, Nebraska to interview Mad Dukez and Fresh Kils before their live set. As I was filming this Kils was sitting to my left and Dukez was to my right. Jacksonville born and Omaha raised artist Galvanized-Tron was trying to perform a set opening for them but unfortunately for him (and us) somebody with a crew interrupted and started loudly airing their grievances toward the performer and others in attendance. With the skill and finesse of a diplomat, Tron cooled things down before s**t could pop off.

In hindsight as I rewatch this footage again I realize without Tron’s level head many of us could have spent a night at the hospital — or worse. Subscribe to mmf187 for more hip-hop and retro gaming content. Feel free to like (or even dislike) the video and leave a comment as well. Engagement helps us out. Thank you!