Beatnick Dee is a UK producer with Faith and Biggie on his resume, but this album couldn’t sound any further from the Bad Boy brand of shiny suit rap. “Patience” is a purer form of hip hop, boasting actual instruments and an emcee named Pheo.

Firstly, check out the track “Free Will” as it’s the seductive vocals from Imani Kamille that caught my ear. No, seriously, go listen and then return. Ah f*** it here you go:

Beatnick Dee demonstrates his versatility with beats, rarely following your standard loop that repeats itself. “Free Will” sticks out with its hypnotic vocals from Imani Kamille, but there are more reasons to check out “Patience”. The tense start of “Always” is probably Pheo’s best performance but ultimately, it’s the production that carries this album. Pheo’s flow is certainly unique – at times lackadaisical yet never far from flipping syllables. His rhymes just never really leave a lasting impression and the appearance of Blu on “Monaco” showcases Beatnick Dee in an even better light. His beats deserve top-tier emcees.

“NYC” has the feel of a forgotten 80s soap-opera but it’s enjoyable nonetheless – Beatnick clearly has it in his locker to craft an instrumental project and it’s not a surprise to see his previous record “Creative Medicine” attracted a variety of emcees. The jazzy “Be There” chops and drops, “Orsa Lia” flirts with Jhene Aiko-like R&B and the song “Patience” is similarly hypnotic yet ultimately let down by mediocre rapping.

It will be interesting to hear what’s next for Beatnick Dee, given he’s associated with talented producers like DJ Soko and Theory Hazit. Until then, let’s exercise some “Patience”.

Beatnick Dee & Pheo :: Patience
7Overall Score