It takes a lot of money to host and our archive of nearly 9,000 reviews, interviews, articles and editorials per month — at least $75 a month to be precise. That amount floats because our hosting company is internationally based, so tack on the “dollars to Euros” conversion and applicable fees credit cards charge for international payments. For the majority of our time this site has been online I’ve funded the hosting cost myself, but the price doubled last December and left me wondering about the future viability of this website.

Thankfully a lot of you have already pledged your support on Patreon, but we could still use more help. Thankfully the cost to do so is incredibly low and the benefits are incredibly high. For just $1 a month, less than the cost of a cup of coffee at Starbucks, you can move us one step closer to our goal of being fully funded each month. When we hit that goal all banner ads go away permanently, and since it takes three months of Google ads to pay for one month’s hosting, being funded by the people who visit the site every week rather than faceless corporations is a much better way to go. RR should be from the people, for the people, funded BY the people.

You’re not just throwing money in a hat each month either. Besides helping to pay for the webhosting and ultimately do away with ad banners, patrons gets exclusive access to members only polls to determine future reviews along with exclusive sneak previews and Patreon only site updates and blog entries. It’s a monthly subscription that adds additional value to what you already get on the site, and it’s cheaper than a year of any traditional print magazine not to mention the cost of buying a single issue at a news stand.

So what are you waiting for? Pledge $1 a month (or more if you like) and help RapReviews be the crowd funded, independent voice of hip-hop shaped in part by the sponsors who made it all possible.

Steve ‘Flash’ Juon,