There is probably no topic more popular among hip-hop artists than money. How to get it, how to spend it, and how these things affect your life, for better or worse. It’s no wonder that they are so obsessed with the pursuit of cash given that the genre originated from not so affluent neighborhoods in NYC, back in the mid-70s.

So, how do you get money, fast? Well, one way is gambling. Music is about emotions expressed through beats and lyrics, and the thrill, excitement, exhilaration of a game of chance are some pretty powerful emotions.

And, while most artists still prefer the palpable atmosphere a real-life casino provides, many have moved on to the digital sphere. Online casinos today are a big thing and a quick way to some bling-bling. With amazing games and slots that payoff progressive jackpots, it’s no wonder younger generations have moved on to a more visual experience, one that you can get on your phone. Casimba online casino is a great example of a leader in the digital gaming revolution.

So, what are some hip-hop songs that might get you in the mood and in a winning mindset when you challenge your luck at a table?

Kendrick Lamar – Vegas

Okay, so is this song really about gambling? No. But is any song really about the literal interpretation of its lyrics? Art is all about the metaphor, and Lamar uses gambling terms to convey the way a woman makes him feel.

He talks about “rolling the dice”, “cashing in his last poker chip”, and “them catching him cheatin’, doin’ blackjack twenty-one.” So, I think we’re good.

Big K.R.I.T – Life Is a Gamble

This is a deep one. Released in 2013 on a mixtape, featuring BJ “The Chicago Kid”, these two rhyme-slingers talk about the pitfalls of life and the gambles we take.

While it might not have been a particularly popular tune, if you’re looking for a song about card games, with a good beat and a message that cuts deep, add it to your playlist and give it some rotation.

Ice Cube – It Was a Good Day

Now, here’s a classic, one with a dope video. Real hip-hop OGs remember this one. Stemming from Cube’s third solo venture – The Predator, this was his second single from that album, released in 1993.

While gambling might not be what the song is all about, you have to put it on the list and ask – “what’s the haps on the craps?”.

Big L – Casualties of a Dice Game

One that’s not for casuals, and certainly not for the PG crowd. This is a song for the true purists out there. R.I.P Lamont Coleman. One of the forgotten storytellers in hip hop history, a real artist, a wordsmith that could rhyme to some hellish beats.

While this might not be a song he’ll be most remembered for, if you’re working on your rap education or are just feeling nostalgic, pick up Big L’s album – The Big Picture and wait till track 11 hits you.