“Nigga, I’m the colonel of the motherf#%^in tank
Y’all after big thangs, we after big bank
3rd Ward hustlas, soldiers in combats
Convicts and dealers, and killers with TRU tats
Never gave a f#%^ bout no hoes on our riches
And niggaz come short, I’m diggin ditches
M.P. pullin stripes, commander-in-chief
And fools run up wrong, nigga I’m knockin out some teeth
I’m down here slangin, rollin with these hustlers
Tryin to get rid of all you haters and you bustas
Steppin on toes, break a nigga’s nose
In the projects nigga anything goes”

1.) Master P – “Make ‘Em Say Uhh”

2.) Master P – “Mr. Ice Cream Man”

3.) Master P – “I Got the Hook Up”

4.) Master P – “Goodbye to My Homies”

5.) Master P – “Bout Dat”

6.) Master P – “Step to Dis”

7.) Master P – “Thug Girl”

8.) Master P – “Act a Fool”

9.) Master P – “I Miss My Homies”

10.) Master P – “No More Tears”

Bonus) Master P – “Kenny’s Dead”