If you don’t know AceVane, I’m inviting you to get to know him right now. I stumbled across his YouTube channel by accident on a video recommended to me, which proves that even to a cynic like me their algorithm DOES get something right once in a while. If you’re a person who enjoys comic books as much as hip-hop or vice versa, he’s going to be right up your alley. If you’re a guy/gal/other who was mad when Netflix didn’t renew Luke Cage, AceVane is your prophet of rage. His humorous remixes of DC properties with new vocals dubbed over the top perfectly hit that sweet spot of entertainment for me and I can’t get enough. Here are five clips that I think will get you instantly hooked.

1.) Gang Sh*t?

2.) WW3 The Draft

3.) Can you blame him?

4. He belongs to the streets…

5. A very special episode