As I just noted in my latest Patreon post, my sports journalism job covering the Bellator MMA beat just came to an end for a second time. It’s not really a surprise given the pandemic caused them to take off most of the summer of 2020 and the first four months of 2021. It’s hard to find an employer who will keep you around on a monthly basis under those circumstances.

I always say that even one dollar a month helps, but I want to issue this plea with a friendly reminder that it’s not just about me. We have an archive of over 9,000 reviews, articles and interviews here and it’s rapidly nearing 10K as the weeks and months go by. To me that’s a valuable resource that’s worth keeping online now and in the future, which is why I’m so grateful to Grant Jones for designing the modern look and feel we all now enjoy. He too didn’t do it just for himself — he did it to support all of those who have put their hard work into this effort over the last 20 years.

When I ask for you to support RapReviews, I’m asking you to support everyone involved who has made this project so special. I’m proud of what I launched back in 1999, but I also think it’s much bigger than me, which is why for the longest time I had a partner who split the webhosting with me. Unfortunately I only found out well after he left me holding the bag that he hadn’t really been keeping up his end of the deal. To make a long story short don’t pledge just for me — pledge to keep all of us from sinking into the hole he dug without my knowledge. I appreciate it and so does every person who has ever written for this site.

Steve ‘Flash’ Juon, EIC