YOUUUUUUUU mean to tell me there are ten? Yes sir. Whatever you might think of his recent work doesn’t change the fact that DeAndre Way was and IS a hip-hop pioneer who took being known locally to a star globally thanks to savvy internet marketing. He knew how to become a meme star and be a trending topic well before social media and TikTok. As a result it should come as no surprise that Soulja Boy’s rise and YouTube’s go hand in hand.

1.) Soulja Boy – “Crank That (Soulja Boy)”

2.) Soulja Boy – “Turn My Swag On”

3.) Soulja Boy f/ Sammie – “Kiss Me Thru the Phone”

4.) Soulja Boy f/ I-15 – “Soulja Girl”

5.) Soulja Boy – “Pretty Boy Swag”

6.) Soulja Boy f/ Arab – “Yahhh! / Report Card”

7.) Soulja Boy – “Speakers Going Hammer”

8.) Soulja Boy – “Blowing Me Kisses”

9.) Soulja Boy – “Donk”

10.) Soulja Boy – “Bird Walk”