If you’re wondering why there isn’t a video for “Saturday Night” it’s because (as far as I know) NONE EXISTS. That’s a shame but I’m not sure they could have edited it enough for TV airplay anyway.

1.) Schoolly D – “Livin’ in the Jungle”

2.) Schoolly D – “King of New York”

3.) Schoolly D – “I Don’t Like Rock & Roll”

4.) Schoolly D live at the Latin Quarter (1986)

5.) Schoolly D f/ Chill Moody, Tone Trump – “West Philly”

6.) Schoolly D interview from Channel 4 (UK) in 1987

7.) “Philly Rap City” documentary featuring Schoolly D

8.) Schoolly D – “Where You Get That Funk From”

9.) “Schoolly D Pops In” – Aqua Teen Hunger Force

10.) Schoolly D performs “Gucci Time” live