Triple-Q is an internet composer, humorist, rogue and all around musical mash-up master. Most of those facts accurately describe Triple-Q but to be frank (and my name’s not Frank) many of the remixes they upload to YouTube defy description. If it made me smile though I’m putting it here.

1.) Triple-Q – “Pull Over (That Metal Too Fast)”

2.) B.O.S. (Bombs Over Skullgirls)

3.) 24 Dragon Magic

4.) Party Rock Apple!!

5.) Call Me, Beep Me (If You Wanna Reap Me)

6.) Knuckles from K​.​N​.​U​.​C​.​K​.​L​.​E​.​S. & Knuckles

7.) I Want Snow Halation That Way

8.) American Miku!

9.) Goodbye Beautiful Girls, Hello Divorce

10.) Satsuki’s Humps