Unlike most careers, musicians don’t have a blueprint to find success in the industry. If musicians want to stand out and make a mark in this competitive industry, they have to showcase original talent because a degree or experience will simply not work. Nick Malak, a rising artist, has learned this the hard way to become an independent artist to snatch the limelight both on real and virtual platforms. He is storming live shows and social media with his music and without support help from a record album.

Nick Malak was raised in a financially backward family so he had a humble start in the music industry. He was always passionate about music and knew he was going to pursue his passion as a career. Like most budding artists, Nick did not have a smooth start. He struggled to get signed by a record label because he believed that was the only way to showcase his craft and earn an audience. With no financial support, Nick could not approach a producer for a paid collaboration project to build a launch pad for his career.

After several months of relentless hard work and honing his craft, Nick decided to move toward his goal as an independent artist. He started producing music on his own without professional equipment, a state-of-the-art studio, or record labels. His refined sense of music and fearless approach to conventional genres soon earned him recognition in the live music scene. Nick started getting a response from audiences that he had not only expected but yearned for. Gifted with great stage presence and the ability to understand the mood of the crowd made Nick a naturally electrifying performer.

At present, Nick is a popular name in the live scene. He performs and plays on popular music shows and concerts across the UK and US. His growing popularity in live shows is proof that record labels and producers are not the ultimate launch pad for aspiring music artists. If someone has passion and is determined to work hard, no matter what obstacles arise, they will accomplish their goal.

Nick is also a promising artist and influencer on social media with thousands of followers admiring his talent and great sense of style. He feels that these achievements are only the beginning of his career and he has miles to go. He is consistent in his efforts and will continue to hone his craft. Nick is aware of the unpredictable trends in the industry and knows how challenging it is to stay in the limelight. He is focused on producing more unique and fresh music for audiences around the world, hoping to turn them into die-hard fans.

As a music artist working hard to penetrate the closely-knit mainstream industry, Nick wants to be an inspiration for many walking his path. He wants other aspiring artists to have faith in their skills and follow their passion instead of chasing a record label or music producer. If Nick, coming from a humble background, can navigate the industry as an independent artist making a mark with live shows, anyone can follow in his footsteps with an undying passion for music.