As a musician and entrepreneur, making hits for music lovers in the entertainment industry is no joke. For Jared Henry, his story is a message of hope to all his fans and everyone facing challenges. He narrates his journey full of scars and hurt until he has reached and achieved his dreams. To Jared, it’s okay to be broken, not to be okay, and not to understand why you’re not okay. All it takes is to understand that you are not alone and that many people face the same challenge daily. The goal is always to stay strong and fight until you achieve your dreams.

It takes a lot to be an entrepreneur and musician at the same time, as both worlds are demanding and full of challenges. You need the will, passion, and self-drive to defy all odds and make a name for yourself in both industries. With no management and external funding, making it in the music scene is tough for anyone. Jared boasts of being a financially independent artist who personally funds his projects. You are probably aware of how much it takes to fund a music project; if you’re not: it’s a lot of money. Jared is also a verified artist on Spotify, proving his passion, commitment, and hard work.

Everyone has a story to tell about challenges, and Jared’s story is no different. However, he describes the challenges as the driving force in his life. They are the fuel in his engine, a reaction that pushes him to be greater each day. Among the challenges, he notes that it took a lot of effort for him to build a team of people who knew he cared about them and not only what they had to offer. He wanted to give a sense of ownership to others. Putting such a team together was a long process, but like many other challenges, he could handle it.

Jared’s goal as a musician is to become a pop star with a global fan base. He believes that with time, he will soon be one of the biggest names on the scene, with a long list of hit songs and tons of streams and music tours. Jared also aspires to hold the hands of other musicians who require help in their musical journeys. Jared wants people to learn how to embrace their imperfections and personalities. He talks about creating a safe space for people to be noticed, loved, and appreciated.

It takes a lot of determination to build a career from scratch, and Jared is the true definition of that. However, despite all the hustle required, you should note that life is short, so Jared notes that the key thing is to take chances and risks, but most of all, to love somebody. Through his talent and hard work, Jared will soon become a household name. Jared is a verified artist on Spotify, which is also where you will find all his banging tracks.