DJ Rob E Rob, better known as DJ Rob, is among the most popular DJs in hip-hop and R&B today. His portfolio in the music industry proves years of dedication and commitment. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, but that didn’t come easily.

He is the current DJ for 50 Cent, Lil T Jay, Safaree, G Unit, Jadakiss, and more. He was also the one who introduced the famous rapper, Future, to the world. DJ Rob E Rob did that on a mixtape platform for Epic Records, where he received a Million Sold plaque for his contribution to the Pluto album provided by the RIAA.

As for discovering new artists, he also takes the credit for launching Lil T Jay’s career and receiving several plaques from Columbia Records from the RIAA. It’s safe to say he has an eye for talent because judging from where Lil T Jay’s career is, he did not make the wrong choice by believing and investing in him.

This veteran DJ has a lot under his belt. He also contributed to people like French Montana’s career, where he played a part in his albums. To back that claim up, he received a 10 Million Sold (Diamond) plaque for those contributions. DJ Rob E Rob also doubles up as a hype man. He publicized NeYo’s album, In My Own Words. He was awarded a 2x Platinum plaque to recognize his effort.

DJ Rob has a long list of career achievements, setting him apart. It is impossible to name them all, but his mediation skills are worth mentioning. DJ Rob E Rob is proud of squashing the infamous beef between hip-hop bigwigs 50 Cent and Jadakiss. Another highlight is that he was the first DJ to produce Drake’s mixtape that premiered on BET.

DJ Rob E Rob was the first DJ featured on BET’s 106 & Park. This is a significant accomplishment since BET is one of the biggest media houses in the US. However, his success did not come easily. He faced challenges throughout his career that he overcomes through faith in God and remaining humble.

Asked what wisdom tidbits he has for others, the DJ Rob E Rob capped it at putting God first and giving whatever you do the best. But despite developing a big brand, he has aspirations for the future. He wants to see his brand doing ten times better and open a more prominent community unity outlet with positive resources for troubled communities through musical motivation.

As far as his goals with the press, DJ Rob E Rob has everything to achieve them. He wants to reach as many people as possible, especially those unfamiliar with him and what he does. He would love to share the mixtapes that he believes will be both motivational and inspiring.

Ultimately, DJ Rob E Rob wants to be remembered as the legendary DJ from the Bronx that impacted the community by giving back.