10. dead prez :: Revolutionary But Gangsta Grillz
dead prez spits over some of the hottest songs of 2010, yet their bars aren’t random and unfocused. prez makes sure the MESSAGE stays untouched and uncut as the dead prez still brings us the message that demands us to “Let’s Get Free.” This mixtape is indeed revolutionary but gangsta.
9. Emilio Rojas :: Life Without Shame
Emilio Rojas is definitely on the rise as one of the emcees to watch out for in this year. Sometimes Rojas rhyme slow, and sometimes he rhyme quick (in which his rapid-fire flow can leave Roadrunner itself eating dust), whichever tempo Rojas decide to use, his lyrics often gives people good reasons to pay attention to him without shame.

8. {tie} Thee Tom Hardy :: The Hardy Boy Mystery Mixtape: Secret of Thee Green
Magic/Rapsody (of Kooley High) :: Return of the B-Girl

These ones are tied simply because these two Jamla labelmates brought the dopeness that keep the hip-hop heads noddin’ and the head master 9th Wonder proud. One’s a white dude and the other one is a black girl. For those who don’t care about the last sentence I just wrote and want to hear dope music no matter who it’s from, download away.

7. J. Cole :: Friday Night Lights

Who dat? Who he? If you don’t know about J. Cole by now, then you’re really stuck in 1992 or in a cave somewhere. J. Cole brings the Roc Nation to his shoulders as he released music that places Cole as one of the top up-and-coming lyricists of this year. This mixtape proves that Cole kills anything he touches as folks are steady waiting for the album, whenever it may come out.


6. Tech N9ne :: Bad Season

I don’t need to go over why you should get Tech N9ne’s first ever mixtape other than the fact that it’s TECH N9NE! Tech N9ne always shows out and shows off his maniacal mic skills and his mixtape is definitely no slouch. The only “Bad Season” that occurs are the wack emcees who dare to release a mixtape after his.

5. Bishop Lamont :: The Shawshank Redemption: Angola 3
[Bishop Lamont always stays on his grind. Even though Dr. Dre gets more attention due to his headphones and oft-delayed and upcoming Detox album, ot doesn’t mean the Aftermath isn’t making any buzz at all. Lamont’s free album is incredibly dope that you’ll wonder why his major label debut was never released. Lamont brings wittiness combined with street knowledge and the gangsta attitude with deadly lyrics added on top that equals an incredible record that climbed through a river of mediocrity and came out bangin’ on the other side.

4. Cee-Lo & Greg Street :: Stray Bullets

Cee-Lo says that he likes “Stray Bullets’ better than “Lady Killer.” Not that he thinks that his new album isn’t great, which he does and it is great, but it’s recommended that you hear “Stray Bullets” if you haven’t already. This mixtape is more like an album as it includes the Cee-Lo Green that we truly know and love, as a singer AND rapper – as a Goodie Mob reunion track is located in this mixtape, as well. You think you’ve been slain by “The Lady Killer,” then wait until you feel the effects of the “Stray Bullets.”


3. KIDA :: The Endemic/The Endemic: Ladies Edtion/Chairman of the Board/Who is KIDA? + theFEW :: theFEWnification

KIDA’s a hustler, point blank period. With free great quality albums after free great quality albums released all in the matter of months, folks are still sleeping on KIDA and I honestly don’t know why. Click the links below so you can wake up! Download all you want while they’re still free!

2. Kanye West :: G.O.O.D. Friday

One can credit the critical success of “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” to the free G.O.O.D. Friday joints that’s been released. All of these joints gave us what we can expect from Kanye and why his album was the most anticipated, even more than Detox, dare I must say. The diverse guest appearances are endless, ranging from Justin Beiber to Pete Rock, as West revolutionized the way songs are leaked. Trust there have been many rappers who are now following the same footsteps of releasing a new track every week thanks to the moves of Kanyeezy.


1. Oddisee :: Odd Summer/Odd Autumn/Odd Winter/Odd Spring

Why is this one #1 even beyond Kanye’s offering? Simply because Oddisee really brings out the organic music that kept the listeners very spoiled because they’re all for free. With each of the free offerings dedicated to each seasons, Oddisee matched the music with the surrounding weathers very appropriately which hasn’t been seen since Antonio Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons.” This D.C. cat does it in a genius way, he also gives away free instrumentals that many rappers could REALLY use the extra help of having, at least, a high-grade beat even if their rhymes aren’t. These are simply astonishing.