Lucky 7” is truth in advertising from Dimitri Leslie Roger, better known in the rap world as Rich the Kid. The album featured seven songs, and on “Money Machine” featuring SipTee the latter expresses their good fortune to be here doing what they’re doing today.

“I’m a college dropout that signed a deal
And I know they didn’t believe that I’d make it for real
I did sleep on the floor, but I never did miss a meal
Cause momma made a way for a nigga, that’s for real”

Speaking of good fortune, RTK pulled in Lil Mosey to collaborate on the equally accurately titled “Boom Boom.” I hate to admit it but every now and then you hear a song you would listen to just for the bass and the mood while completely ignoring what anybody has to say, and since I was already familiar with that construct from previous experience with Mosey, sliding into that mindset over the bass explosions of this track made perfect sense.

By the time you reach the album’s closer “Too Blessed” you can feel reasonably assured Rich the Kid feels like he came up in the craps game of the music industry. Even though he’s taken some L’s with artists like Famous Dex and YBN Almighty Jay leaving his Rich Forever Music imprint, he was always the one he should have been focused on anyway. It feels like this short “Lucky 7” release was an attempt to do just that — get back to worrying about his own career and not who he could sign to carry the load.

Unfortunately by its very short length you can’t mine too much depth from what Rich the Kid has to offer here — not that he’s ever been a super profound lyricist to begin with. He follows a “sex, drugs & rock ‘n roll” lifestyle to a tee, so this is not music to make you ponder the inequalities of society, the disenfranchisement of the impoverished, or the plight of the underpaid essential worker. Rich the Kid lives like his name — he’s young, he gets it, he spends it. Liquor, ladies, limos. Don’t come to him expecting your world to be changed and you’ll be able to mindlessly enjoy the songs.

Rich the Kid :: Lucky 7
6Overall Score