It’s simple mathematics — but you don’t gotta love it. I know I don’t. Every single month I get a webhosting bill by email that I dread. Then factor in the office space I have to write my reviews and store the archive of books, compact discs, vinyl records and cassettes that power the research behind them. There’s electricity for the air conditioning in the summer, the furnace in the winter, and just keeping the lights on in general. It all has to be at the proper humidity too — not too wet and not too dry. One could make everything moldy and the other could make everything crack. These are all the expenses that 40+ people currently contribute to on Patreon. Thank you.

There were a lot of lean years in running this website that I came entirely out of pocket to keep the site up and running, so I’m very grateful to the Patreon supporters for easing my burden. I couldn’t do what needs to be done without you, but I also have to throw out reminders now and then to keep the ship afloat. Occasionally someone has to drop out of the fold due to financial hardship and I can’t fault anyone for that. Even $5 a month means a lot when you’re out of work, your car has broken down again, or you’ve got a child or pet with huge medical bills. When someone steps out we say peace with love and gratitude, and we look for more people to step up and step in who can afford to do so.

If it weren’t for those of you who already contribute, every page on RR would be plastered with banner ads, and you’d get annoying pop-ups you’d have to block on your laptop. For those of you who do contribute, you already know you helped us ditch all that and redesign the site to be accessible on any device — mobile, PC, tablet — whatever you’ve got. Accessibility is a huge part of what’s powered by patrons here and we want to keep it that way. We got hit with another notice from our hosting company last week that they are being charged more by their vendors, and they of course are not swallowing that bitter pill themselves, they are passing it on to us.

If you enjoy access to an enormous archive of over 10,000 reviews, articles and editorials, please join to show your support. It means a lot to everybody on the team and it means a lot personally to me.

Steve ‘Flash’ Juon, RR EIC